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About the Academy of Arab Professionals

At a time of different sources of learning and institutional development, the Arab Academy for Training and Consultancy has chosen a course that offers added value to its clients by providing the best training programs and consulting services carefully designed to meet their need for the competence, skill, experience, knowledge and training necessary to perform their work efficiently. And the effectiveness and upgrading of the professional level of the human element to help them develop their own.

This is a message that dozens of employees of the Academy are working on to serve you, providing training programs and consulting services.

In all of our activities, we aim to narrow the gap between the current situation and the target and develop clear indicators to measure the results of our services from the training programs and advisory services provided. In addition, we follow distinct monitoring and evaluation mechanisms that enable us to analyze our results and measure the resulting development to ensure that the beneficiaries of our services are able To transfer experience and apply the skills they have learned in their workplace.

Our determination to continuously develop training and consulting services by the Academy’s team with its various specialties and expertise and our vision of excellence and continuous improvement makes us have strengths that are all in the interest of our customers and beneficiaries.

Supporting the capabilities of the Arab citizen for a better professional and social life

Focusing on the needs and expectations of clients, whether from individuals or institutions, by providing consulting solutions, training services, and developing human resources to advance professionally their capabilities and provide the highest added value to them.

(Trust – Integrity – Independence – Creativity – Ethics – Environmental Protection – Anti-discrimination – Family stability) The Academy adheres to these values, which are the main engine in the implementation of all our work and enables us to provide all solutions and services in a way that satisfies our customers and exceeds their expectations and to achieve our vision in strengthening the capabilities of the Arab citizen For a better professional and social life

  • Experience: Because we have gained experience in identifying the needs and expectations of our clients, both business owners or trainees whom participating in our training programs, and we put more than (15) years of experience in serving our clients.
  • Efficiency: Because we choose consultants and trainers with the highest professional and scientific competencies who are able to provide services and transfer their experiences and skills in a correct and simple way.
  • Clients service: Because we strive for excellence in serving our clients over time, this starting from the first client’s visit to one of our branches or our website, through receiving client requests and inquiries, and listening to their complaints and observations related to our services.
  • Transparency and integrity: Because we are committed and pledge to carry out all our work in an atmosphere characterized by transparency and integrity to give confidence and credibility in services and products delivered to our clients and the relevant parties.
  • Added value: Because we aim to add tangible value to the experiences and skills of our clients, we are not satisfied with only providing advice, granting a certificate, or teaching some information, but we strive to provide them with information and skills that represent an added value in their practical and professional lives.
  1. The Arab Professionals Academy for Training and Consulting is an Egyptian company. We cherish our identity and our Arab culture. As far as possible, the priority will be to provide services, teach curricula in Arabic, and Arabize various sciences to enrich the Arab library as long as possible.
  2. Our client satisfaction is our overriding goal, and the Arab Professionals Academy and its employees strive to achieve that goal.
  3. Continuous improvement and development of performance is the responsibility of the top management and all employees of the Academy.
  4. Our employees are the source of our strength and they are essential partners in our success. We always strive to develop their skills and capabilities
  5. Providing a safe and comfortable work environment is a basic right for workers, and the Academy seeks to achieve this in light of the available capabilities
  6. The Academy seeks to preserve and maintain the right of employees to improve their financial and professional level in a way that achieves the interest of the employee.
  7. All employees have equal rights without discrimination based on religion, gender, color, and place of residence
  8. The Academy seeks to encourage women and people with disabilities to apply for the vacancies advertised, and the Academy takes the necessary measures to facilitate the process of applying for jobs and start work and provide a safe and stable work environment for women in order to achieve family stability and take into account the customs and traditions known in Arab societies
  9. It is prohibited for any of the employees to obtain gifts, tips or commissions from customers under any name and under any circumstance.
  10. The Academy is keen to always be neutral and to distance itself and its employees from entering into any accounts or policy discounts with one party against another
  • To provide our clients with services and products that meet their needs and desires and exceed their expectations.
  • Achieving customer satisfaction and building a bridge of trust between the organization and its clients.
  • To consider the client as an ambassador for our organization in his workplace with his experience, skill and the rich training experience he acquired with us.
  • The end of the training is the beginning of a bonding relationship between the client and our organization.

We are proud to have a distinguished team of experts, consultants, trainers, and employees working with us fully or part-time and who are qualified to perform their jobs distinctly.

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