E-marketing consultancy and social media pages management

E-marketing consultancy and social media pages management

E-marketing services and social media page management

E-marketing consultancy and social media pages management

E-marketing has become as important as traditional marketing methods, At a time when the consumer public is closely connected to the Internet, Websites and social media have become a fast and effective way of communication with customers, Hence the importance of each organization having its own strategy of targeting its customers, serving them and building the brand in their minds, Through our e-marketing consultancy and social media page management, we work on:

  • Develop a strategic plan for e-marketing, presence and dissemination on social media.
  • Building a brand in the mind of internet users and social media sites
  • Select and form an e-marketing team and identify functional tasks and performance indicators.
  • Create social media pages to interact with customers and guide them towards their management mechanism.
  • Preparing and processing the promotional content for dissemination through social media and promotional messages through “e-mail – SMS messages – Whatsaap messages – YouTube… The united states of The United States of
  • Preparing graphic designs for social media and advertising
  • 30-60 seconds of motion graphic videos per video
  • Analyze the website, identify shortcomings and weaknesses and make recommendations for development.
  • Create website and social media page content to suit SEO requirements.
  • Launch campaigns funded across online platforms Google, Facebook, Twitter … Etc
  • Follow-up reports and results of “paid and free” e-marketing and promotion campaigns

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E-marketing consultancy and managing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube

E-marketing and digital experts provide the necessary advice to develop an integrated e-marketing strategy for products and services and build a private brand by creating SEO search engines, Writing the content, Promote through funded advertising as well as develop a strategy for managing social media accounts

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