Write standard operational work procedures

Writing operational work procedures

Write operational work procedures

What are the business procedures?

Writing and drafting of work procedures is a process of preparing written instructions describing how to perform a routine task; What time? Where? Who? It is known that any service or product provided by an organization to its customers, regardless of its size or nature of its work, is ultimately the result of the implementation of a set of procedures within the organization by its employees.

Business procedures and the secret of the profession

The work procedures are the ones that establish the culture of the organization and how it responds to the requirements of its customers and their service, which may distinguish it from others or as it is known as the “secret of the profession” and the procedures are not only written instructions but are a way to help the organization to stabilize performance over long periods of time and establish the principle of continuous improvement, To transform the implicit knowledge and experience of its employees into documented information and its participation among employees and to create a state of uniqueness and creativity of the company in excellence in its business.

Business procedures and ISO 9001

ISO 9001 standard specification requirements include documented procedures for managing the operations and activities of the facility, And implementing the Quality Management System (ISO 9001), It ensures that you apply quality standards and obtain an ISO 9001 certification while having documented business procedures, To request assistance in preparing business procedures or applying the Quality System ISO 9001 … Call us.

Download the DOC & PDF business procedure form as an example

    Why do we need written business procedures?

    Business procedures play a key role in the continuity of quality assurance and best practices in the implementation of the task and the commitment within the organization, In order to help you achieve operational and profitability goals and achieve a distinct level of customer satisfaction and thus the complete stability of the organization, Following the documented set of procedures helps the organization:

    • Ensure the quality and convenience of customer service.
    • Ensure good practices at all times
    • To benefit from the expertise of the team effectively
    • Facilitate the easy devolution of tasks and powers to team members
    • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of all staff members
    • Provide a guarantee that every employee of the organization has become aware and understands the processes to be followed
    • Providing employees with the opportunity to identify and evaluate their work activities and efforts and facilitate communication between the members of the group and teamwork
    • Simplifying the organization’s working procedures

    Standard “standard” work and operating procedure writing methodology

    There is no one way to write the procedures or the correct and wrong way, but we try to follow the best practices in writing and preparing the procedures as follows:

    Business procedures

    Who is responsible for standard “standard” work and operation procedures?

    Responsibility for the organization’s operating procedures rests with the administration, which is responsible for ensuring that standard “standard” work and operating procedures exist, And approve it. It is necessary to involve all staff in the preparation of standard “standard” work and operation procedures, particularly those in charge of day-to-day work and tasks; The start date of the work procedures must be recorded, All procedures are valid from this date.

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