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Special course service (special training for an individual or group)

Introduction to internships

It is the training carried out for a group of participants from one side and the training is carried out within the company’s headquarters or in one of the halls of the equipped hotels, The training program may be pre-planned or implemented according to a sudden need, This type of training is done with ease of implementation and low financial cost against the number of trained persons, Sometimes it may be known as contractual or private training.

In-house/contractual/special training features

Contractual (in-house) training has a big advantage where its cost is 60% lower than public training for individual, in addition it is possible to customize the course and selecting practical examples and exercises from the activities of the organization, which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the training.

Internships are suitable for you in the following cases:

  1. Availability of a group of participants and a suitable training room
  2. The desire to carry out the training program on the appropriate time and dates for you
  3. The desire to save the expenses spent in carrying out external training for each person individually
  4. The desire to customize the training program and practical activities and exercises to suit the nature of your work
  5. Participant can’t stay away from work for a long time

Criteria for the implementation of training programmes

  1. Check the suitability of the training venue to ensure the success of the training process and to bring the participants to rest
  2. The competence of the trainer who are resposnosble to teaches the training program
  3. The ease and coordination of the course material and its coverage of all topics of the training program
  4. The course material contains exercises and activities to ensure the effectiveness of the training program
  5. Continuous evaluation of the performance of the trainer and participants and the final evaluation of the training program
  6. Participants receive certificates of attendance or successfully completed after they have met the requirements

The mechanism of work in providing consulting and training services

All academy services are provided through a knowledge exchange between the team of experts of consultants, academy trainers and service beneficiaries through field visits, regular meetings and joint working sessions.

In accordance with the principle of continuous improvement and the academy’s keenness to help customers get the best services at the lowest cost, We have developed intelligent systems and procedures for “remote” customer service as an alternative to expensive traditional business methods, Through interactive electronic platforms to reduce time and cost to the greatest extent possible and allow clients to communicate with the team of experts from consultants, academy trainers and knowledge bases at any time throughout the day.

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training program on-site or online

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Quality & ISO 9001 courses

  1. ISO 9001 Awareness Course
  2. ISO 9001 Internal audit Course
  3. Requirements of documentation & implementation of QMS ISO 9001
  4. Total Quality Management Applications Course
  5. SQC statistical quality control
  6. Quality Control and Control chart Course
  7. Quality control tools course
  8. Root Cause Analysis Tools course

Food Safety Courses ISO 22000 & FSSC 22000

  1. ISO 22000 Awareness Course
  2. ISO 22000 Internal audit Course
  3. Awareness of FSSC 22000 Requirements Course
  4. ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System implementation and Documentation course
  5. HACCP Risk Analysis and Critical Control Point Course
  6. Personal Hygiene Course for Employees
  7. GMP Good Manufacturing Practice course
  8. Sterilization and disinfection programme course
  9. Food safety requirements in restaurants and kitchens
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