How to obtain ISO 27001 Certification in Saudi Arabia?

ISO 27001 certification in Saudi Arabia

ISO 27001 in Saudi Arabia

ISO 27001 certificate is considered as one of the important and well-known standards for information security management system, it enables organization to show their readiness in managing and secure their data and declare that the certified organization operate an effective management system for information security.

ISO 27001 is compatible with other management system such as ISO 9001, so if your organization is already certified against ISO 9001 it will be easy to document your both system in parallel, and this will be considered an advantage, So ISO 27001 certification in Saudi Arabia now become easy.

Risks and threats related to information security

Due to the huge quantity of daily output data, your organization always have a threat related to the security of data and information, ISO 27001 will assist you to establish a management system that set a complete policies and procedure to maintain your effectiveness in handling, store and retrieve data and avoid risks that could affect your image in front of your clients.

Why ISO 27001 is important for your organization

Information is one of the important assets that each organization own, it could be the reason of your grow, or a reason of shutdown and exit form the markets, recently a lot of big names in the market claimed about illegal uses of information kept at their end, it could be a worst scenario that ISO 27001 help you to avoid.

A complete guide to obtain ISO 27001 for a company in Saudi Arabia

  1. Define the scope of the ISMS such as (develop a software, managing server and data center, Providing of financial services …etc)
  2. The scope should give an overview about your business
  3. Find a Qualified ISO 27001 consultant like (Arab professionals center)
  4. Create the full documentation system of ISO 27001 with assistance of your consultants
  5. Implementation of the documented system to obtain objective evidence that you own an effective information security management system
  6. Audit your system internally by your qualified internal audit team
  7. Ask an accredited 3rd party certification body to assess your management system to get ISO 27001 certificate

Why to choose Arab professionals center to obtain ISO 27001 certification in Saudi Arabia

The approach recommended for implementing Information security system (ISMS) is based on building an effective Information security system that focuses initially on the business need of having a system that assures providing Information security of service and product utilizing ISO 27001 international standard and best Information security practices as guidelines for development at Design Consultancy.

Our methodology in documentation is to establish the minimum documentations required by the standards with the opportunity to increase documents if needed by the organization to support the business.

We provide the ISO 27001 services to all major cities around Saudi of Arabia such as (Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Dammam, Khobar, Abha, Asir, Qassim, Buraidah, tabuk, Jubail, Yanbu …etc) for all type of industry such as (manufacturing, trade, agriculture, healthcare, banks, insurance, IT, software house, data center, hosting services, telecommunication and contracting …etc)

We Are …

  1. Talented and experienced team, familiar with ISO 27001 standards
  2. We are working with our clients as a partner of success
  3. A wide base of happy clients.
  4. We are caring about Transparency and impartiality.
  5. Continuous follow up for all project phases.
  6. Our main goal is to support clients in implementing the international standards correctly in efficient way.

How to start to obtain ISO 27001? What the next step?

  1. Call our sales team to get A Quotation
  2. Define your scope to confirm to your Saudi commercial registration CR
  3. Conduct a gap assessment against ISO 27001 standard
  4. Prepare the full documentation system for ISMS ISO 27001
  5. Audit the whole system
  6. Assessment by the 3rd party certification body
  7. Close the non-conformities and take the required corrective actions
  8. Obtain ISO 27001 Certificate

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Reqest a Quote for training / consultation / certification

Complete package for ISO 27001 training / consultation / certification

Our information security experts will assist your organization to obtain ISO 27001 certification according to ISO 27001 standard, our experts will give a full guidance to implement an effective information security management system and analysis your business risks, request a quote now.