Human resources consultancy and organizational re-structure

Human resources consultancy and organizational structure of organizations

استشارات الموارد البشرية والهيكلة الإدارية للمنظمات

Human resources development

Human beings are the foundation for the development and renaissance of society, Hence, we have launched our path towards supporting organizations in developing their administrative system and human resources through the preparation and development of the necessary infrastructure for human resources management, which is one of the important assets of any entity seeking development, Human resources consultancy services and organizational structure of organizations include institutional development, The rebuilding of the organizational structure and the management of competencies and talents are as follows:

  1. Conceptualizing the operating system and managing human resources and conceptualizing the documentary cycle and the way and course of the flow of operations taking into account the strategic objectives of the organization
  2. Build the organizational structure of the organization in accordance with the operating system and suggest the functions to be added.
  3. Prepare job description cards for all employees of the organization with the requirements for each job as well as the responsibilities, powers and performance indicators for each job.
  4. Develop a system for attracting human competencies and selecting and recruiting new employees
  5. Setting up a system of wages, salaries, hoofs and promotions and linking it to performance
  6. Preparing a system for periodic evaluation of employees and identifying evaluation mechanisms
  7. Preparing a list of sanctions and sanctions.
  8. Develop the human resources policies, procedures and regulations organized for the work

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