6 Sigma Methodology implementation Consultancy

Lean 6 Sigma Methodology implementation Consultancy

تطبيق منهجية لين ستة سيجما Lean six sigma

Lean 6 Sigma Consultancy

If you want to develop your organization and make it work more efficiently and effectively while reducing loss and costs, The consulting services of the Academy of Arab Professionals for Training and Consultancy for Lean 6 Sigma application are the best way for you to do so, We apply Lean 6 Sigma through a data collection and analysis methodology, Based on facts and evidence in order to achieve the objectives of the institution, which includes increasing customer satisfaction and achieving the financial objectives of the institution and improving quality significantly, We do this by helping you draw and follow the best process route planner to reduce the lost and time needed to operate.

As experts in improving operations, We don’t rely on a single approach or template that we use with all customers, From our past experiences, we know that each organization has its own unique status, Therefore, we initially evaluate the organization in detail to develop a Lean 6 Sigma application strategy that will bring you tangible and measurable benefits.

Introduction to 6 Sigma Sigma

The 6 Sigma methodology is a measure of the organization’s quality, reaching perfection, measuring the extent of deviation from the correct performance and making processes with the greatest impact on the client less variable, And reduce or reduce errors and translate this into financial profits, and the methodology of the 6 Sigma is based on the collection and analysis of data which is the basis in the success of the application, It aims to reduce the rates of errors and reduce the size of the lost, which leads to the money being spent off track.

The 6 Sigma methodology is based on measuring the number of errors that occur in a process to reduce the rate of occurrence to 3.4 lines per million chances of error, which means reaching the efficiency level of 99.9997.

The application of the 6 Sigma methodology is not limited to manufacturing processes only, but includes all industrial, commercial and service processes, All activities can start to improve and reduce waste and excess costs by applying the 6 Sigma methodology.

Implementation of Lean 6 Sigma

Lean 6 Sigma consultants at the Academy of Arab Professionals will help your organization achieve quality, productivity and efficiency goals using DMAIC optimization strategies, This methodology includes five steps (definition – measurement – analysis – improvement – control)

  • Definition: Identify and identify the problem, defects and errors from the point of view of the customer and the beneficiary of the product or service
  • Measurement: Measure the problem and its process through numbers and data
  • Analysis: Analysis of processes data to identify the root causes of defects and problems
  • Improvement: Improving the process by finding solutions for reform and improvement, Reducing and preventing future problems using statistical analysis tools
  • Monitoring: Identify the necessary monitoring tools to monitor the performance of operations and maintain the improvements applied to keep the process on track

Lean 6 Sigma phases


  1. Survey all operations in the company, interview those responsible, review current reports on production, quality, maintenance, procurement, customer complaints and learn more accurately about problems and shortcomings.
  2. Identify and account for the problems in the company
  3. Set up the Selection matrix, select improvement projects that will be worked on under lean 6 Sigma and train the team on how to select future projects.
  4. Calculate the expected savings from these projects and make a project charter chart that demonstrates the tasks and responsibilities of the team and time.


  1. SIPOC analysis
  2. Identify inputs that affect outputs
  3. Track mapping of flow chart processes (High Level, Low Level)
  4. Identify interference between operations by Swimming flow chart
  5. Use control chart to monitor and measure cloud
  6. Calculating process capability
  7. Standard deviation calculation for operations
  8. Verify measurement and monitoring data by measurement system analysis


  1. After studying all the clouds, create a flow map and collect data on operations performance, Processes are analysed, weaknesses and deficiencies identified and the root causes of problems are identified using quality control tools such as Pareto chart, Fish-bone diagram, 5W… The united states of The United States of


  1. Efforts at that stage are focused on brainstorming and generating more possible ideas to develop solutions to the root causes of the problems discovered, These ideas are generated by the employees of the company, Comparison with competitors … Etc

Control control

  1. Continuous monitoring of operations performance, operational procedures and instructions and operations execution
  2. Determine the actions taken in case the operation begins to decrease

Why companies are interested in implementing  6 Sigma Lane methodology

  • Laying the foundations for continuous development
  • Laying the foundations of performance evaluation standards for all employees
  • Enhancing customer value added
  • Increase didevelopment rate
  • Establishing a culture of development and improvement
  • Implementation of strategic development plans

What are the benefits of hiring lean 6 Sigma consultants for your organization?

  • Cost savings: We apply Lean 6 Sigma (LSS), in the optimal way, which always results in a significant cost savings for our customers, We seek to make your organization one of those organizations that have been able to reduce operating costs through an application, Lean 6 Sigma, for example, has helped large companies such as Bank of America achieve pre-tax savings of up to $1.85 billion over a decade of LSS it application. We have helped small, medium and large businesses and government institutions enjoy huge savings and savings year after year.
  • Higher productivity: No matter how efficient your organization is now, There’s always room for improvement, Lean 6 Sigma tools such as Poke Yoke and value-added/non-value-added process analysis can help you solve process issues, And to increase the efficiency of the process, And to reduce re-work, And make you more competitive.
  • Low defect rates: high defect rates and molding leads to lower productivity, The typical way to improve productivity and quality simultaneously is to identify and correct aspects of the process that generate defects, Using LSS in your organization will help reduce the defect rate to less than 3.4 blemishes per million (unit produced) or (service delivery time), We’ll help you apply LSS tools such as bug checking, And reduce production under operation, The 5S to reduce the number of defects.
  • Better customer satisfaction: One of the key aspects of Lean 6 Sigma’s implementation is to make Lean 6 Sigma think about part of your organization’s culture, This provides everyone in your organization with the tools to recognize and reduce the differences and losses in each process, Training your employees is essential to achieving an LSS culture. Through our Lean 6 Sigma training program, Employees can have a green belt and a black belt, This will enable them to be able to solve problems better, They will quickly begin to use their new skills to make positive changes, This improves efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction.
  • In general, the application of the Lean 6 Sigma methodology helps the organization grow its business by:
    • Improving operations
    • Reduce damaged and lost products and increase operational efficiency
    • Reduce products that need to be recycled
    • Reduce errors, reduce performance deviation and increase the ability of the organization to identify errors or problems that exist in all processes and deal with them in a scientific systematic manner that helps to make the right decisions.
    • Reducing costs and maximizing profits
    • Changing the culture of the organization from facing problems after they occur to preventing the per-emptive problem before it occurs
    • Contribute to increasing customer satisfaction by providing what the customer expects from the product or service.

The team of experts helps you with lean 6 Sigma in two ways:

  • First, the lean 6 Sigma Black Belt consultants and experts are formed to play their role by:
    1. The advisory team in charge of implementing the Lean 6 Sigma methodology examines the processes in detail and submits a report containing available improvement projects and expected financial results to save costs and thus increase the profits of the business.
    2. Improve current processes with lss Define-Measure-Analyse-Control
    3. Create and execute new operations using the LSS Define-Measure-Analyse-Design-Verify (DMADV) method.
  • Second, help your organization create and disseminate lean 6 Sigma culture at the enterprise level, By training the foundation’s staff on yellow, green and black belts and helping the organization to create the supporting infrastructure of Lean 6 Sigma so that LSS can be an integral part of the organization’s culture and how it carries out its work.

Lean 6 Sigma experts at Arab Professionals Center, We are fully prepared to help you take advantage of the benefits of implementing lean 6 Sigma. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get a free consultation.

Interested establishments that can benefit from the application of the Lean 6 Sigma methodology

  • All facilities of all kinds regardless of their activity or size
  • Industrial, commercial, service, agricultural and commercial facilities
  • Hospitals and health care providers
  • Educational service providers such as schools, universities and educational institutes

Training: We offer three Lean 6 Sigma courses to help you achieve your Organization’s LSS culture:

  • Lean 6 Sigma Yellow Belt: This level provides an introduction to Lean 6 Sigma technologies and culture and is perfectly suited for employees who want to know more but may not work for the LSS project or who need basic preparation and qualification before starting green belt training.
  • Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt: This level provides the necessary qualification for employees to work on Lean 6  Sigma projects, Where the course provides the statistical skills needed to improve operations, The course is also a qualification for participants wishing to take the IASSC Green Belt test.
  • Lean 6 Sigma Black Belt: This course trains and qualifies professional professors and knowledge leaders in Lean 6 Sigma projects. The course is also a qualification for participants wishing to apply for the IASSC Black Belt test.

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