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Introduction to Franchising

Franchise is a method of doing business between two independent parties, , the first party “franchisor” grants the other party “franchisee granted” intellectual and industrial property rights or technical knowledge to produce a commodity or distribute its products or services in accordance with the instructions of the concessionaire and under his supervision exclusively in a specific geographical area and for a period of time Specific with his commitment to provide technical assistance in addition to a number of other services such as advertising, training and logistical support for a fee or percentage of total sales.

Activities that can be managed by a franchise system:

  1. Retail markets and retailers
  2. Restaurants, cafes, hotels and any activities related to food and hospitality
  3. Advertising, shipping, home services and computer services
  4. Travel, tourism, real estate marketing and hotel agencies
  5. All commercial, industrial, service and agricultural businesses that are difficult to account for all of them.

Benefits and benefits of the Franchise system:

  1. Expansion and rapid spread in target markets at no high cost
  2. Reducing the financial, technical and administrative burdens of expanding into new markets with the capital of the concession-owner
  3. Increase the material return of the amounts paid by franchisee, whether in the form of franchise fees or for the products and services purchased.

Consultancy services for franchisees

  1. Evaluating the administrative and organizational structure of the company’s operations, activities and departments
  2. Drafting and writing of franchise documents, business procedures and contracts regulating the granting of excellence
  3. Preparation of advertising materials, training, control and control systems and marketing tools
  4. Determining the proposed budget for the requirements for building the franchise system

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