Technical support for the development and improvement of companies and the granting of ISO certificates

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Why are you here? Or why we’re here!

You are already successful, But you feel like you can do better?

Do you suffer from increased lost times, flaws and mistakes?

Are you at risk of losing contracts and projects because you don’t get ISO certificates?

Is your company facing the challenges of “competition, Low prices, Declining sales, Low profits?

Our consultants and experts can help you:

  1. Improve your company’s performance, improve financial results and generate more profits
  2. Developing the company’s internal work system and reducing non-added value processes
  3. Writing and implementing the necessary procedures and policies for managing the business
  4. Determining the responsibilities and powers of each member of the company
  5. Develop quality standards and performance indicators for all operations and activities
  6. Shifting to relying on the system rather than relying on individuals
  7. Reducing (lost times, Damaged ores, defects, Errors)
  8. Develop procedures and policies for environmental, safety and occupational health management systems
  9. Write documented procedures for each operation in the company with responsibilities and performance indicators
  10. Setting standards for monitoring and measuring the company’s operations and overall performance
  11. Draw a new image of the company by defining vision, mission and goals.

Contact us now or leave your data and we will contact you to find out about your company’s activity and what are the most suitable solutions for your company whether it is qualifying for ISO or any other services that are right for you.

Our areas of work

  • ISO Consultancy
  • Six Sigma app
  • Reduce your hobby
  • Improving productivity
  • Enterprise development
  • Industrial Consultancy
  • Professional safety
  • Laboratory accreditation
  • Food safety
  • Supply chains
  • Process Engineering
  • HR Consultancy
  • Job Description
  • Regulatory structures
  • Administrative development

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    ISO 14001:2015 standard
    ISO 50001

    How can we help you develop your business?

    More than just an ISO certificate you hang on the wall?

    If your visit to our site is aimed at obtaining your company’s ISO certificate, We will work with you on the application ISO specification requirements required, Professionally and uniquely, you are able to make a real use of the app and get the certificate.

    Obtaining iso 9001

    Pushing you to unleash your potential to lead your business forward?

    We build or remodel the administrative and technical processes within the facility and design a management system to integrate with the strategic orientation and objectives of the facility and enable the thought of continuous improvement and teamwork teams to be the basis in the management of operations and activities within the facility

    We care about your time and your money.

    We have developed intelligent systems and procedures to serve customers through interactive electronic platforms to reduce time and cost to the greatest extent possible and allow clients to communicate with the team of experts, consultants and knowledge bases throughout the provision of advisory services.

    ISO 14001:2015 standard
    ISO 50001

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      How did you hear about us?